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Thanks for the add mate thumb_up
why were you deleted from the Translation FAQ?
As a translator you should know not to ask such questions mate. Your job isn't to know why something has happened, your job is to translate it.


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I have been getting viruses. Been down loading for about 1 1/2 years and have had maybe 5 or 6. this last month I got two and my internet provider has threaten to discount me, does any body have a idea as to why this is going on. I have Norton so should be protected, and is there any thing I can to so I can keep using kickass? Uninstall and see what happens?
I'm lost and could use some help if any body has any ideas I would really be thankful for the help
Norton doesn't do anything, get a VPN

Welcome Back Sirpirate
think hes gone again fubaryawnsleepydrunkchuckle
And so are you shocked
crycry no am undercover Shssssss carnt say anymore tittersealedsealedbandit

Welcome Back Mr.Black!
We're glad to see you again :)
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